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Biomedical Materials Group - Teaching

The Professorship "Biomedical Materials" is involved in lectures and courses for

  • International Master Course "Pharamceutical Biotechnology"
  • International Master Course "Biomedical Engineering"
  • State examination "Pharmacy"

Overview about offered lectures, seminars and practical courses (L, S, P)

TeachingTypeWeekly curriculum hours
per semester
Basic concepts of biopharmaceuticals applications in Regenerative Medicine (PhBT)L2Prof. Dr. Th. Groth
Application of Biopharmaceuticals in Regenerative Medicine (PhBT)L3Prof. Th. Groth
Application of Biopharmaceuticals in Regenerative Medicine (PhBT)S1Christian Willems
Application of Biopharmaceuticals for bone regenerationP2Christian Willems
Instructions for Scientific WorkL
2Prof. Th. Groth
Biomedical MaterialsAdvanced Seminar1Prof. Th. Groth
Statistics for pharmacistsL1Prof. Th. Groth
Statistics for pharmacistsS2Christian Willems, Sophie Bendix und Adrian Hautmann


PhBTPharmaceutical Biotechnology
WCHWeekly Curriculum Hours
PPractical course

The practical courses are preferrably managed blockwise.


Concerning Projects, Diploma-/ Master Thesis as well as PhD Projects

Do not hesitate to ask directly Prof. Groth for tasks.

The students have always the opportunity to contact Prof. Groth and his team. Nevertheless it is recommended to arrange an appointment.

Preferred office time:

Thursday 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.