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Biomedical Materials Group - Diploma / Master Thesis


Dipl.-Pharm. Reema Anouz

Native and cross-linked multilayer systems as biocompatible reservoirs for rhBMP-2 to control differentiation of myoblasts to osteoblasts


M.Sc. Yazmin Angelina Brito Barrera

Development of cell spheroids for tissue engineering applications

Dipl.-Pharm. Muhammad Muhammad

Modification and optimization of polysaccharides for hydrogel formation

M.Eng. Bhavya K. Ekambaram

Nanostructures modified with polyelectrolyte multilayers tuned in stiffness for mesenchymal stem cell differentiation


Dipl.-Pharm. Hala Al-Khoury

Anti-inflammatory studies of glycosaminoglycans

Dipl.-Pharm. Fadi Almouhanna

Controlling stem cell differentiation with polyelectrolyte multilayers varying in stiffness

MSc. Lydia Lange

Influence of perfusion culture on the differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells in collagen scaffolds

External master thesis at the Technical University Dresden

MSc. Ankur Chhalotre

The influence of immobilized thiolated glycosaminoglycans on the migration of breast cancer cells with different metastatic potential


MSc. Oliver Rhiel

Nanostructured surfaces and their influence on adhesion and growth of stem cells of different origin

MSc. Kantida Juncheed

Studies on endocytosis of sulfated polysaccharides by fibroblasts

MSc. Bhargav Tulabandula

Study of polysaccharide-based hydrogels for tissue engineering applications


MSc. Mauricio Jurado Abreu

Microcontact Printing Development of Thiolated Glycosaminoglycans


MSc. Husnia Muftah Kindi

Mechanical properties and cytocompatibility of polysaccharide-based hydrogels

MSc. Jingxian Zheng

Differentiation of monocytic cell lines to macrophage-like cells

MSc. Haihao Tang

Synthesis of novel hydroxyapatite nanoparticles


Dipl-Ing. Stefan Müller

Preparation of nanostructured surfaces by sequential chemisorption of organosilanes


MSc. Parul Singh

Cell behavior on nanostructured surfaces

MSc. Deepak Guduru

Surface modification and investigation of protein adsorption on polysulfone surfaces

Dipl.-Ing. Maria Stammwitz

Networks of DNA molecules generated by dielectrophoretic manipulations

  • in cooperation with Max-Bergmann-Zentrum for Biomaterials Dresden (Germany)

MSc Razghandi Khashayar

Electrospinning of PVA-PHB blend nanofibres as scaffold for skin tissue engineering

  • in cooperation with the research group of Prof. G. Michler (Department of Physics) Martin Luther University Halle/Saale (Germany)


MSc Dipl.-Biochem. Aminatou Barry

Molecular characterization of human mesenchymal stem cells cultured on biogenic polyelectrolyte multilayers

Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Schmidt

Analysis of proliferation and function of mesenchymal stem cells on different poly (styrene) surfaces

Dipl-Ing. Doreen Beck

Development and characterisation of a particle-based method to isolate cells in-situ of whole rat-blood

  • in cooperation with Fa. Pluriselect Leipzig / Germany

Dipl.-Ing. Dorothea Helbig

Mechanically induced hemolysis during dialysis


Dipl.-Ing. Marcus Niepel

LbL-designed surfaces to control cell adhesion

MSc Qin Yi Gu

The biological characterisation of human mesenchymal stem cells cultured in biogenic polyelectrolyte multilayers

Dipl.-Ing. Ivonne Heumann

Comparison of triboligic properties of implants for hernien surgery in biological tissues

  • in cooperation with Ethicon GmbH, Hamburg (Germany)


MSc Ting Ting Li

Investigation of biocompatibility of nanofibre scaffolds

MSc Sooyen Lee

Characterisation of osteogenic potential of modified polylactides

Dipl.-Ing. Sandra Sarembe

Investigation of abrasion and cleaning performance of toothpaste on enamel

  • in cooperation with Fraunhofer-Institute for Mechanics of Materials Halle/Saale (Germany)

MSc Amol Chaudhari

Characterisation of polyelectrolyte multilayer architecture by EPR spectroscopy and surface analytical methods


MSc Nadia Lias

Modulation of cell adhesion on hydrophobic surfaces by self assembly of amphiphilic poly (ethylene oxide) block copolymers of varying molecular weights

MSc Woranan Panyanuwat

Protein adsorption on hydrophobic surfaces in dependence on self assembly of amphiphilic poly (ethylene oxide) block copolymers of varying molecular weights

Dipl.-Ing. Ellen Wernike

Bovine chondrozytes seeded into polyurethane scaffolds

  • in cooperation with AO Research Institute Davos

Dipl.-Ing. Kerstin Oehse

Electron-optical evaluation of cell cultures on functionalised surfaces

  • in cooperation with Fraunhofer-Institute for Mechanics of Materials Halle/Saale (Germany)

Dipl.-Ing. Sandra Talkenberger

Investigation of the adhesion of leukocytes and complementactivation on surfaces of different hydroxylgroup concentrations

  • in cooperation with the Max-Bergmann-Zentrum for Biomaterials Dresden (Germany)